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Monocular Polarizing Microscope - Polarizing Microscope
Focussing : By vertical movement of stage, coarse adjustment by rack-pinion knobs & fine movement by screw-lever mechanism driven by graduated knobs. Compact ball-bearing centerable rotating stage, 140 mm diameter, graduated with vernier, lock & stage specimen clips. Compensator : l-Gypsum Plate (1st order red compensating plate, 560 nanometers) and l/4-Mica Plate (145 nanometers). Built-in focussable Bertrand lens with center adjustable. Built-in analyzer removable from optical path. Analyzer can be rotated 90° with a vernier reading to 6'. Fully rotatable swing-out Polarizer and an abbe-condenser. Illuminator : Koehler's illuminator with pre-centred 20W tungsten halogen source and integral electric transformer with intensity control is concealed inside the base. Input voltage 220 or 110 Volts. Semi Plan Objectives : P4x / 0.10, P 10x / 0.25 and P 40x / 0.65 SL. Eyepieces : WF 10x, and H 10x cross.