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Laboratory Ore Microscope - Ore Microscope
Ore Microscope is a Principal Piece of equipment used by the Geologists to observe the optical properties of minerals. It has indispensable applications for Petrography, Crystallography Geology or finding stress points in metal, glass and Textiles, etc.It permits orthoscopically or conoscopically to examine and identify the structures of material with highly resolved Distinctive image under various magnifications. Stage - Compact ball-bearing rotating stage, 140mm diameter, graduated with vernier, lock and stage specimen clips. Focussing - Separate knobs are provided for coarse and fine focussing adjustments. Illuminator - koehlers transmitted illuminator with pre-centred 20w tungsten hologen source and integral electric tranformer with intensity control is concealed inside the base. input voltage 220v or 110 volts. Intermediate Tube - Built-in slide out analyzer, ?-Gypsum Plate, ?/4-Mica Plate and focussable Bertrand Lens. All slides are locked into the tube and can be inserted in the optical path as per requirement. Compensator - ?-Gypsum Plate (1st order red compensating plate, 560 nanometers) and ?/4-Mica Plate (145 nanometers). Objectives - Achromatic, Semi-plan Objectives P-4x, P-10x and P-40x SL. Eyepieces - Widefield Eyepiece WF-10x and WF-10x with Cross. Polarizer - Fully Rotatable Polarizer on strain free adobe-condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris-diaphragm. Optional Accessories - Detachable Mechanical Stage, Sub-stage Halogen Illuminator, Micrometer Eyepiece, Spare Bulbs, Additional Compensators, Wooden Storing Cabinet, etc.